Sunday, March 4, 2012



I put this photo off for the first few hours I was awake. Simply because I needed to clean my nightstand off. It was covered with books, whatnots, and a glass of water I had been sipping on while ogling Modcloth dresses.
Well Devin comes to sit with me and a tickle match begins. I'll admit, I started it. But when someone's ticklish everywhere and they have a crazy laugh, how can you resist?
Next thing you know, my glass of water has been knocked over and every thing is soaked. Once some towels and team building exercises have come into the picture, my nightstand is in tip top shape.
The End.


  1. Hey! You have a really very interesting blog, nice to meet you. And i love this pretty lampshade!

  2. Thanks! Nice to meet you too. :)