Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Cousin's Wedding

 The Bridal Party

My cousin's wedding feels like a dream now. So much stress, but so much joy as well. This was my first time being a bridesmaid and it all went smoothly. Although I was absolutely exhausted afterward.(Having started decorating at 9am, and ending the night at 8:30 after helping with clean up.)
Luckily she wasn't a bridezilla in the least! Just so thankful for everything and everyone.
It didn't really hit me that she was hitting married until the veil was pulled over her eyes. And then I started to majorly tear up. Being an only child, Amber and her sister Stacy(pictured below) were the closest thing I've ever had to sisters.
No more slumber parties, no more LOTR nights, no more crushing on guys we'll never meet.
We all have real boyfriends/husbands now, and we'll never quite be the same again.

Walking into the ceremony(happy to not be the star of the show).

  Her cute display of engagement photos outside the reception.

 My Uncle Tim was more stressed about the wedding than anyone. I'm talking all the women combined. But he was very quiet about it. Every thing had to be perfect for his little girl.
Like his wife said, "He was soaking up every second."

First dance.


Devin and I.

 Stacy and Amber at the end of the night.

 She was exhausted, but full of joy.