Thursday, March 15, 2012

12/31, 13/31, 14/31, 15/31

12/31 Fork

After conjuring a bucket list the other day, I made a little map of places I've been(the best thus far has been England), and am going to make a map of places I'd like to go. You can find a link to said map under the Where I've Been tab.

 13/31 A Sign
I've been getting sign after sign that I need to return to San Marcos where I attended Texas State University. I've been downright homesick for it for months. So the second week in April, I'm going for a visit!! 

14/31 Clouds
I'm not really one for cheesy pictures of clouds, but this picture I took on a trip to Florida is an exception. If you look closely, you can see Captain Morgan. Haha. 

15/31 Car
The boy's car makes me giggle a little bit inside every time I see it. It's a Geo Metro from the early 90's I believe, and we found out it can be picked up by two men. He loves it to pieces...even if it is hard to find in the parking lot..

Well there you have it. 4 days in one. I've been incredibly bad about this photo a day thing, and do apologize. 

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