Monday, August 20, 2012

Make It Easy Monday 8-20-2012

Dryer Sheets Reused

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I hate dusting more than any other chore.
Mostly because there's so much of it to be done in EVERY room on EVERY surface. But also because it triggers my loathsome nosebleeds I mentioned in the last post.
Not to mention it builds up so quickly that it's a never ending battle.
The only thing that has been the peacemaker in the Mary vs. The Dust battle...dryer sheets!

Post laundry I utilize the used dryer sheet to wipe up lingering dust. The best part is I only have to dust until the sheet is full! Mwhahahahaha! Ahem..sorry...
As I was saying, I just use one sheet per laundry load per room, to keep the dust at a minimum.

Not to mention they eliminate soap scum from showers and aid in calming frizzy hair!

Oh dryer sheets...if laundry products could would sing an opera...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cake Testing in Dallas

I made a spur of the moment trip up to Dallas a couple days ago to help my good, good friend Holly pick out the perfect cake for her wedding in May.

3 bakeries.

30 pieces of cake.

1 day to eat it all.

Let's do it!

The first place we went to was Romano's Bakery.
They were very nice and won us over with their yummy yummy cake and champagne!
I must say that they had the best tasting cake out of the lot, but also the most expensive... :\
The Amaretto Almond was my absolute favorite!

Holly only had some loose ideas of how she wanted her cake to look, but then they pulled out this design that she quickly fell in love with. (The bow was an afterthought that she decided not to go with after all.)

Next stop: Frosted Art!

Now these people know how to decorate their cakes! The staff was super friendly and giddy. Must be all that sugar!
They really filled us in on important info such as the pros and cons of sugar flowers vs. fondant flowers vs. real/silk flowers.
Although they're edible, sugar flowers are as hard as rocks and they cost to most!
Fondant flowers don't taste all that great either. (But I must say Frosted Art had the best fondant I've ever  tasted. It was like the center of an Oreo. Much better than the usual Play-Doh taste, but still pales in comparison to butter cream.)
Real/silk flowers are the cheaper of the three, and if you're going to pull the decor off before you eat it anyway, why not opt for the cheaper version?

 Impeccable detail!

 We were told that this cake was created for a big business woman's 100th birthday party.
When she was young, she wanted to join the circus and ride bareback on a horse while playing the ukelele. Instead she started Ebby Halliday Relators which is the biggest realty business in Texas.
Dream big, right?

Sprinkle cake!

The third baker actually came to Holly's apartment with her treats and linens. I was in a cake comma at this point so sadly no pictures..
Especially since this was the baker that Holly chose!
I don't know how this girl pulls it off, but she almost does everything that you need for a wedding.
For the price the other bakers would charge for one cake, she got Holly set up with: the cake of her dreams, beautiful lighting, gorgeous linens, and charters for her tables! Talk about deal of the year!
So if you or someone you know is having a wedding in Dallas or San Antonio area, talk to the miracle worker Jennifer from Budget Bridal(Not the best business name I've heard, but she's a rock star so she can call it whatever she wants!) and she will help you to breathe easy.


With cake still impending cardiac arrest on our bodies, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at Northpark mall..
Giggling in H&M, breathing deeply at Lush, twirling through Anthropologie and dreaming at Tiffany's.

Le End.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Make It Easy Monday 8-13-2012

Nosebleeds: my personal hell.
I get nose bleeds way too often, and the only thing I've found that helps to stop a nosebleed quickly
is ICE!

Yes just your old run of the mill ice cube will stop a nose bleed. Just place one on your lower back. (Hey you're already ready uncomfortable, might as well go all out.) The blood will rush to the area to warm it, and away from your nose.
Give it a minute or two, and your nose bleed will be out of your life.

For today sneaky sneaky son of a biscuit.

Vintage Finds

In addition to the wedding candids, I had also forgotten about the photos I took in my favorite antique store in Missouri!
Placed on the town square in Neosho, Blue Moon is a cute shop filled with all kinds of treasures.
Granted most things are overpriced, there are occasionally some fairly priced gems that I snatch up.
Like the bowl and brooches I picked up there in an old post.

Fell in LOVE with this sophisticated lady, but for over $100, I think I'll pass.. 

The lady that runs the shop brings her kitty and puppy dog to work! Luckyyyy!
I love the way she stages her items.

Cousin's Wedding Part Two -- Candid Shots

 I had completely forgotten that Devin had taken snapshots throughout the day of the wedding!
Here's a sample.

My Grandpa

The bride with her flower girl.



  Tyler and I looking like fools.

  Tyler left and his mom, my Aunt Sharon, below.

Stacy and our hilarious Uncle Rusty.

Stacy mocking herself after she got all choked up during her Maid of Honor speech.

Le End.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


 "None can have a healthy love for flowers unless he loves the wild ones."

- Forbes Watson

Monday, August 6, 2012

Make It Easy Monday 8-6-12

If you have fire ants in your area, then chances are you've been stung by them.
You're just minding your own business gardening, getting the mail, enjoying nature..then all of a sudden you feel a sharp pain. Even after you smack that sucker dead there's a constant burning pain that doesn't want to go away. 

Seriously, look at this little jerk!

The solution? Garlic powder!
Mix a bit of water into a small container of garlic powder to form a paste. Smooth the paste over the area that you have been stung and volia! The pain ceases almost instantly and the garlic powder draws out the venom. Woohoo!

Now if only we could gas them all into extinction...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make It Easy Monday

I am a collector. A collector of all kinds of little tidbits of information.
(Seriously I have a filing system full of quick tips.)

Because of this, I tend to be the one friends turn to for random information on "what/how to ____".

In hopes of helping others make their lives easier I will be posting a tip or two every Monday.

In the meantime, check out these photos of adorable alpacas :)

They look like Dr. Seuss characters! I want a herd of them so bad!