Friday, March 9, 2012

7/31, 8/31, 9/31

I apologize for my tardiness. The storms along with the constant working, have prevented me from taking pictures :/ 

7/31 Something You Wore
 My Jason Wu dress that I had been looking forward to in a previous post. I got early so I could be at Target when they opened. Only to find that our Target wasn't carrying the collection, even though it was a "nationwide" collection. So I had to stalk Target's website where items slowly became available again.
When I saw how cute it was, I was so glad I went to all the trouble.
I also got an accordion pleated black skirt and a yellow sleeveless blouse.

8/31 Window
Found this at a flea market in Missouri for a pretty good deal. After I scrub it down, I plan on hanging it in the bathroom. I love love old windows.

9/31 Red
Found my old view finder. Pure joy.


  1. hey I also have that view finder ! :))
    *suddenly miss childhood*

  2. Aren't they great? I also found I stack of about 30 reels. Can't wait to go through them all. :)