Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage Findings

After doing some research, I found that this print is called "Mimi" and by an artist named Sherle.
I found it hiding behind some empty frames under a chair in one of the many rooms of Uptown Antique Mall in Texarkana. (Love that place, although some of the suppliers are ridiculous with their prices. Others are rather fair.) I purchased it with the frame for $5.50.

There are a few Etsy sellers that have a few other Sherle prints along with this one, but of course the majority of them are double or triple the price.
Sherle on Etsy

Also found cute cookie cutters. $1.50 for the set. Anddd a Pyrex "Town and Country" pattern mixing bowl for $4.99 :)

Devin got about ten records. Glen Campbell, Jim Croce, The Village People, and the Star Wars soundtrack to name a few. I love that my boyfriend is just as fond of flea markets as I am. Love, love, love him.


  1. Great picture and finds, I found a Vernon Ward for a song last week, its on my blog. Its great when you find something and prices ridicously cheap isnt it. Happy hunting. Julie xxx

  2. Vernon Ward does do some lovely work. Every time I look at my Sherle print, I'm in love. Especially when I reflect on the price. I always feel a jolt of happiness when I think of money saved. I'm going to try to start a collection of them. By the way, loved your post about quilting. I may have to pick up that book myself..