Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Childhood Memories Take One

So my mom posted this picture of me on facebook haha. I was probably about one and a half or two. No idea why they got rid of that system. It disappeared by the time I was 5. (And yes, my shirt says "Minnie's Hot"...pretty awkward when you think about it..)

My dad and I recorded a silly "song" on a cassette tape once upon a time. Just basically conversing in sing song voices. My dad sang things such as "Dad is so handsome, Mary's jealous because she has a square face." My response would not be too great considering I was a toddler, so it was "Dad looks like an elephant." Dad always liked to "toughen me up" so I wouldn't be so tender hearted if I got picked on in school. Didn't really work considering I cry when I watch Humane Society commercials haha.

I have been trying to track that tape down for over a decade and to no avail *le sigh* Maybe one day..

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