Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 Things I Love This February

  1. My handsome man, Ross
He always brightens my day with his quirks and chivalry.

2. American Pickers on Netflix

I love watching them hunt down amazing antiques in a field of junk. So glad it's on instant. 

3. Cadbury eggs

 Devin bought a carton of 48, and we're down to maybe ten...luckily Easter's not here yet. :)

4. Putting smiley faces on my burgers.

This is one thing that I started doing at the age of 6, and will never stop. It's such a simple pleasure.

5. Getting the chance to judge high school students art work.

Yesterday I judged students artwork(some of which went on to state) by interviewing them individually about their piece. They were all understandably nervous, and I tried my best to get them to relax. So much of the artwork was so well done. One girl I interviewed had college level work and she was only in her 2nd year of art! I felt so honored to be apart of this and to have the opportunity to encourage them to continue to develop their work. I'm seriously considering becoming a professor.

6. Cooking.

I love finding new recipes and making them my own.

7. Fro Yo with the boy
As you can see, he kind of likes sprinkles.

8. Mini DIY projects
Here I reused cardboard display boxes as drawer organizers by covering them with scrapbook paper. (Decoupage is my friend.) And of course the ever loving Ross is in the background hoping I'll let him outside soon.

9. The record player I got my boyfriend for Valentines Day.

Purchased at a antique shop from a sweet old man.

10. Slowly but surely collecting fabric for my first quilt.

I've decided to go with shades of yellow and gray. No idea what pattern I'll do yet. Still brainstorming...

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  1. Love all your 10 things, but that boy Ross is the cutest ever! Julie xxx