Monday, August 20, 2012

Make It Easy Monday 8-20-2012

Dryer Sheets Reused

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I hate dusting more than any other chore.
Mostly because there's so much of it to be done in EVERY room on EVERY surface. But also because it triggers my loathsome nosebleeds I mentioned in the last post.
Not to mention it builds up so quickly that it's a never ending battle.
The only thing that has been the peacemaker in the Mary vs. The Dust battle...dryer sheets!

Post laundry I utilize the used dryer sheet to wipe up lingering dust. The best part is I only have to dust until the sheet is full! Mwhahahahaha! Ahem..sorry...
As I was saying, I just use one sheet per laundry load per room, to keep the dust at a minimum.

Not to mention they eliminate soap scum from showers and aid in calming frizzy hair!

Oh dryer sheets...if laundry products could would sing an opera...

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