Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Food Guide to Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos
*Please keep in mind that many a restaurant is not featured. If there are any I did not cover that demand attention, please share your review :)


1. Chuy's 
Yummy Tex Mex and dangerous drinks(so strong, but you can't taste it).
For some reason, the Chuy's in DFW are terrible, but the ones in Austin and San Antonio are deliciouso.
Bonus for vegetarians: all veg head items are marked with a cartoon cow on the menu.

2. Amy's Ice Cream
The best ice cream I've ever had(besides homemade of course). The menu is constantly evolving with new flavor combinations are cartoon characters to keep the ADD kids interested. Like every place in Austin, the staff is genuinely friendly and will give you a show by tossing your ice cream in the air and catching it with a scoop. I got my old standby combo of Mexican Vanilla with Oreo cookies and Junior Mints. 

3. Magnolia's Cafe
As the gleaming lights will tell you, "Sorry We're Open". And open they are. 24 hours a day to be exact. 
The place is dripping with sarcasm and eclecticism. Mismatched tablecloths, high contrast photos of animals and the twins from The Shining, fake plants, and flamingos galore. The food's pretty good too... ha
I ordered one gingerbread pancake. Yes only one, because you would do good to down a single one, since it takes over the entire plate.
Bonus: The food is huge, the bill is small.

 Le Menu

 Our tablecloth.

The dessert and beer menu.

4. Big Top
Okay so this isn't a restaurant, it's a steam punk themed candy shop filled to the brim with every sweet you can imagine. Childhood treats you thought they stopped making can be found here, along with international treats and an old school soda jerk.
The boy and I found Curly Wurlys! I had never even heard of them until Vicar of Dibley, and have always been curious. I never been able to find them in the States until now. Woohoo! It's literal swirls of caramel covered in chocolate. They're actually pretty light with a little over 100 calories.


San Antonio

Ok so there was only one place we ate at while in San Antonio. But in my opinion, it's the only place worth eating at...Mi Terra. Not only does this place have yummy Mexican food, it's been family owned since the 40's(my former roommate's family actually owns it), it's located in Market Square(El Mercado) so there's plenty of shopping surrounding it, many a celebrity has eaten there, and the best part...they have a bakery!

Case upon case holds many a sweet. Many I have never seen before and can not pronounce the names of.

Traditional Mexican decor hangs from every ceiling.

San Marcos

Cedar's Mediterranean Restaurant is something I consistently crave. There's nothing special about the decor(thus the lack of pictures), but the food instantly makes up for that. If you have not had falafel before, run out to you're nearest Mediterranean spot and try it now! So so yummy! 


  1. Hi Mary, love your pictures of the candy and bakery store, my daughter is in love with them and wants to visit them! Julie xxx

  2. Thanks! They are truly as wonderful as they look!