Sunday, April 1, 2012

10 Things I Love This March

1. Planning for my vacation.
This time next week I will be headed for San Marcos, TX! Finally getting back to the place I love and have missed for so long!

2. Purple nail polish
I got this beautiful deep plum shade at my hair salon. It's so hard to find a purple without a shimmer, so I was quite pleased when I stumbled upon this. 

3. Chocolate Pudding Cake
This recipe from Positively Splendid is seriously my new addiction. So yummy and easy to make. I usually have every thing I need to make it on hand. 

4. All the rain we’ve been getting.
I've been treasuring every drop of rain that comes our way. I'm not looking forward to the Texas summer. At all. At all, at all.

5. Gathering recipes to give to my soon to be married cousin.
As a surprise at her bridal shower, we will be giving my cousin Amber a book of recipes from our own kitchens. Tried and true recipes are the best kind of recipes. :)
Amber and her fiancee Terrence.

6. Planting.
I've purchased two beautiful rose bushes for the front porch. As well as planted seeds of lavender and petunias. So excited! 

7. Getting things organized.
Our house hasn't exactly been err..organized as of late. Mainly the spare bedroom. I'll be honest, it's a disaster. As much as I try, I am simply not the Martha Stewart type. I love to cook and make things, but I'm not exactly quick about finishing things. (Example: My photo a day challenge..kind of a flop. But I will still try post the pictures I have taken. Promise!) 

8. Vicar of Dibley
<3 <3 <3

9. My new sewing machine.
My mom got me my first sewing machine as a every early birthday present! So excited! 
10. Finding out that I will be going to Alaska.
As a much belated graduation present(not that I'm complaining), my mom is taking me on an Alaskan cruise!! I'm super stoked. She is being very generous and I am so grateful that I'll be going on my very first cruise. Hope I don't get sea sick! 


  1. A book of recipes is such a lovely idea for a present and the Alaskan cruise sounds amazing! :)

  2. I adore Dawn French and the Vicar of Dibley. So. Much.