Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unpacking/Vintage Finds

So sorry that I've been neglecting this poor little blog. The holidays plus moving, has turned my world upside down.
I've finally gotten the chance to share my recent vintage finds :)
*Do forgive the quality of the photographs. I've only been able to find my point and shoot.

Super cute set of four mushroom pictures. The top picture shows the true coloring. 

Glass bottle that I'll be using to hold homemade salad dressing, and an orange bowl circa 1970's.

A cute glass jar that I got for $1. I'm going to build a terrarium inside.

Weather Forecaster. The thermometer no longer works, but who needs that when you're inside? Inside the house is a witch, which(<< haha witch which) comes out when it's rainy or snowy. The children come out when the weather is fair. As you can see, it's perfectly clear in Texas.
Ever since I saw one at my Aunt Judy's house in Washington when I was 6, I've been on the lookout.
Finally tracked one down.
It's very dependable. Even when it looks the opposite outside, it's always right.
My little fortune teller. :)

Strainer($2.25), flour sifter($3), and molds($1 a piece).

Doilies (50 cents each). I plan to use for a project I found on
Doily Project


  1. Great finds, Don't you love pinterest? Me too! Enough inspiration to keep me busy every day! :) I would love to see your doily project!

  2. Thanks! I'm still trying to collect some more doilies to make a good sized lamp. But I will definitely make a post when I do achieve the cuteness :)