Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me and my favorite mug that I got from Salem 6 years ago....Holy crap has it been that long?! I need to go back...

I found this awesome tutorial the other day, and I must, I repeat MUST, do this. It's much cheaper than the bins you find in stores, and it's customizable! Perfect way to organize all my craft, photography, and sewing supplies :D

In other news, there's a new spring designer collection: Jason Wu for Target coming out on February 5th that I'm super excited about. Super cute clothes all $60 or under. I'm seriously requesting to close at work that day, so I can be there when they open. Lame? Why yes. A bit crazy? Of course. But when you see these clothes, I think you'll understand.

And to brighten your day further, I give you....Panda On A Snowy Slide! WWWEEEE!!

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